Back on the Boobies Again....

After that long and fascinating interchange here on I [heart] boobies I was convinced that that campaign MEANS well even if I find how they spend their money to be completely misguided (and I still stand by that). It was totally worth my (our) while to engage with those folks and I hope that they listen and rethink both how their message affects those of us who've been through cancer treatment AND how they spend the funds they're raking in with those bracelets. And then I read this post on  "uneasy pink":

"I had a sickening interesting experience on facebook over the weekend.  First, some background.  Last Pinktober, I posted about my personal disdain for the name of an organization, Feel Your Boobies.  I believe it trivializes and sexualizes breast cancer while spitting in the face of people who don't find breast cancer to be so cute.  The founder of the organization commented on my blog and we had a very, very civil exchange of ideas about the topic.  I came away respecting her, even if she didn't change my mind. Then I logged onto my facebook page and saw this:

Apparently Feel Your Boobies (FYB) gave away a FYB bike to a FYB pin-up gal.  Okay, whatever. Now take a look at the responses to the photo, remembering this is about raising awareness of breast cancer....

And, I might add, nearly 250,000 people "like" this campaign.....

I have to stop posting about this now. It's making me too crazy. But while it doesn't do much to raise awareness about breast cancer, I hope it's raised YOUR awareness of what these Tata-boobies "breast cancer" campaigns are actually about.

Finally, one REALLY IMPORTANT THING. National Breast Cancer Coalition has a new, highly intelligent, ambitious campaign aiming to end breast cancer by 2020. It  might actually do some GOOD. And isn't that what we really want?

Sexy, Saucy, Sassy, Breast Cancer. Not.

I just received a press release on this. If a single guy in this video can answer ANY of the following questions, I will believe that he cares about breast cancer activism and not just the free pass to drool over  jugs: 1) What does "awareness" of breast cancer mean, anyway? Awareness of what precisely? What are we not aware of?

2) Why, given that the American Cancer society no longer endorses self-exam as useful for ANY woman is the  I ♥ Boobies/Keep-a-Breast Foundation raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote it among young women (for whom it was NEVER recommended)?

3) At what age are most women diagnosed with breast cancer?

4) Precisely where does the money raised by   I ♥ Boobies/Keep A-Breast foundation go and how much do they keep as profit?

5) If a your girlfriend or wife were diagnosed with breast cancer and needed a double mastectomy would you still wear an  I ♥ Boobies bracelet? Would you  ♥ Boobies so much that you'd stop   ♥-ing her?

Just A Thought

The response I'm getting to the cancer column reflects that people have a hard time separating inappropriate sexualization from healthy sexuality, and what the piece did was help them make that distinction. I'm hoping that's what Cinderella Ate My Daughter will do too, on a different scale. It's interesting how tricky the sexualization vs. sexuality thing can be and how often the first pretends to be the second...