There's a New Girl Strutting on Monster High's Corner

Move over Monster High, there's a new semi-nude, spike-heeled, crazy skinny Sesame Streetwalker posing as a girl power icon in town: Winx Club dolls, based on the Nick series, Winx Club

Good thing these fairies are magical, because if they were real women they'd have to keep their uteruses (uterii?) in their purses.

As dolls, they make Barbie look like a before picture from  "The Biggest Loser."

Looking at pictures of these normal-sized little girls happily olding these pro-ana fairies makes me wince. I've seen the research that says girls now self-sexualize by age six. You can certainly see how that happens.



The girls are so lovely and chubby and real. The dolls are so skinny and missel-pointy and freakish. They'd have a mom BEGGING for Barbie. Nick, can't you do better?