Sexy, Saucy, Sassy, Breast Cancer. Not.

I just received a press release on this. If a single guy in this video can answer ANY of the following questions, I will believe that he cares about breast cancer activism and not just the free pass to drool over  jugs: 1) What does "awareness" of breast cancer mean, anyway? Awareness of what precisely? What are we not aware of?

2) Why, given that the American Cancer society no longer endorses self-exam as useful for ANY woman is the  I ♥ Boobies/Keep-a-Breast Foundation raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote it among young women (for whom it was NEVER recommended)?

3) At what age are most women diagnosed with breast cancer?

4) Precisely where does the money raised by   I ♥ Boobies/Keep A-Breast foundation go and how much do they keep as profit?

5) If a your girlfriend or wife were diagnosed with breast cancer and needed a double mastectomy would you still wear an  I ♥ Boobies bracelet? Would you  ♥ Boobies so much that you'd stop   ♥-ing her?