No More Princess Movies? Not Quite....

Everyone is sending me this link about the “end of the fairy tale movies” at Disney. I’ve resisted commenting because, well, I wrote a whole book about it that’s about to be out and if I start writing on this issue I may never stop. But here’s my 25 second take that I posted as a response to a friend on facebook: They weren’t really making fairy-tale movies anyway. Princess & The Frog and Tangled were the first in some time. Princess & the Frog was not successful (relatively speaking) and had the whole “first black princess” PR angle. If they keep cranking out fairy tales, there’s no build-up, no buzz. And Tangled has the whole “remade for boys” thing. So this “it’s the last one” gambit gives it urgency. It’s total PR, since princesses will not be going anywhere in terms of product licensing and the Cinderella XII straight-to-DVD stuff.

Also, worth noting that until Princess & the Frog there were not “Princess” movies because teh concept didn’t exist until 2000. They were family movies. Now the success of the Princess license has inadvertently niched those movies to a 3-5 year old girl audience, limiting their profitability for Disney.

And anyway, it’s all about getting a male audience. Because they’re not ditching Princesses for a new, more innovative kind of female protagonist, but for more movies about guys. With maybe a P.C. female side character like Jessie in Toy Story. I’m tired of girls as side characters….

So, that’s my quick take.