Monster High's New Low: You've Gotta See This

Maybe you haven't heard of Monster High yet, but you will. It is Mattel's biggest product launch since Hot Wheels in 1968, so you can imagine. The hope is that girls, who, these days drop Barbie as too babyish by the time they're 7, will grab ahold of these undead Bratz dolls. But it's not just dolls, of course--it's clothing, books, school supplies, bicycles, TV, eventually a feature film. Think of how many products have Barbie plastered on them. Now imagine them with these characters. But a video, in this case, is worth a thousand blog posts. Here is a typical Monster High webisode. Remember, it's for 8-year-olds. Especially jaw-dropping: the "smart" zombie girl (you know she's smart because she wears GLASSES) is not only totally uncool but can't move or speak properly. I mean, SERIOUSLY?????