Kia Ad: Silver Lion Jury Head's Clients Include Mattel,Toys'R'Us, Colgate-Palmolive

KIA apparently didn't know about the reprehensible, pedophiliac ad for its cars that won the Cannes Silver Lion Press Award, but what about those judges? They're all big guns in the advertising field --perhaps THEY need to be called out? The president of the jury was Tony Granger, Global Chief Creative Officer, Young & Rubicam USA.

Y&R's  client roster includes numerous children's brands such as several Mattel products ("Just Like You" American Girl dolls, Polly Pocket, Disney Princess, High School Musical, Beauty Cuties, Radica computer games, Holly Hobby) and Toys'R'Us. They also represent "family friendly" companies like Colgate-Palmolive. The American Girl account alone is worth $15 million.  In a June 6 interview about his Cannes experience and "what he looks for in great advertising" Granger said:

“I love ideas that feel effortless – that reveal a truth and connect with you."

And what is the "truth" he connects with in the Kia ads? Let's repost those award-winners, just to refresh your memory.


How about we let Granger's clients know that  an agency whose GLOBAL CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER gives these ads  awards shouldn't be representing companies that sell products to children?

I encourage you to post the following to Twitter (or facebook) along with a  link to this blog post. And pass it along.....

Head of "Kiddie-Porn ad" jury's agency @YoungRubicam reps @Mattel_Inc @AGShineOnNow @ToysRUs @Colgate Parents ok w/this?

And Granger's Twitter account is @Tony_Granger. Interestingly, he tweets that on one day they saw 900 entries for the award. And THIS is what wins?????

Let's see what we can do!

(FYI, here's a list of the rest of the jury)