KIA Ad: Cannes Award is Rescinded!!

Final word on the loathsome pedophiliac ad for Kia cars that I've blogged about several times. It has taken awhile, but the Cannes Festival stripped the agency that created it of both its Silver Lion Award for that iteration and the Bronze Lion for the Princess version. The upside: folks like us kicked up enough of a ruckus that KIA (which apparently never approved the ads) and Cannes had to act. The downside: they're not so much protesting the ads' content as that the Brazillian company that created them broke the rules: the ad was never approved by the company it purported to represent and never ran.

Meanwhile, it turns out that that same company was responsible for an earlier scandal--this 9-11 themed ad for the WWF:

So their tastelessness apparently transcends gender. The people responsible for the ad are banned from next year's competition as well, though then they can come back.

Meanwhile, I still wonder--what's with those judges?