If I Were to Create a Parody of Princess Toys This Would Be It

So I saw this toy in radio shack. Teacup Piggies. They are little pink pigs with pink and white bows and an outfit (in the case of this one, a leotard with a purple top and silver lame tutu). Their gimmick is that they talk when you press their noses. Here is what the one named “Princess” says. “My name is Princess. I want to be a princess!”

“I’m going to marry a Prince!”

“I’m going to live in a beautiful castle!”

“I want to have a party” (said sort of whiny)

“Can I wear my new outfit to the party?”

“I like your outfit.”

“Would you take a picture of me?”

I swear to God. Oh, and did I mention that before every phrase she OINKS??????