Bucking the Tide or Caught in the Undertow?

Not sure how I feel about this new Tide ad in which girlie-girl Mom tries to come to terms with her non-conforming daughter . Like it? Hate it? Troubled by it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9LTRbWsGOI

Jezebel finds it "a 30 second cocktail of gender stereotypes" that are hard to decipher:

Are we supposed to relate to the uptight, creepy mom who wishes her daughter wore pink, or laugh at her for being neurotic and over-the-top girly? At worst, the ad plays on the fearswe're supposed to have about girls like Shiloh, and at best it's just uncomfortable to watch.

Don't know whether I agree. I do relate to the idea that your child can sometimes, in her individuality, do things that make you wildly uncomfortable and that you struggle to accept. I also think if this were flipped and it was a pink boy on the rug playing the ad would've been more controversial. And I have certainly seen moms uncomfortable with kids who don't hew to stereotypes. So what IS going on here? Progressive? Regressive? Both??????

Thanks to my Obie-dobie Stella Kim for alerting me to this one.