Et tu, Trolls?

I had no idea that troll dolls were originally marketed to boys. I guess they were sort of unisex, now that I think about it. No more. The big tip-off? They added a Z to the end. Now it's trollz. And any time you see that "z" it's trouble. Girlz power is the power to shop; it's narcissism and materialism masquerading as confidence; it's the pink t-shirt with a crown for a 3-year-old that says "give me the credit card and no one gets hurt"; it's girlhood as a marketing land grab, femininity as a consumer experience. So when we were kids, we thought trolls, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Holly Hobbie and My Little Pony were cute, just as they were. Why do today's girls only respond after a thin-and-pretty makeover?

Trolls Then

Trollz now.