Angry Little Girls

I am a huge Lela Lee fan. I have loved her work ever since it was called "Angry Little Asian Girl" and was about a very cute and seriously pissed off Asian. I am, if you recall, and Asian-by-marriage-and-motherhood so loved how Lee STOMPED the passive Asian female  stereotype. In fact, I was actually featured in the PBS series, "Searching for  Asian America" talking about Lee's work. That's me, the blonde, frizz-headed, pink-faced, big-nosed white woman in a film otherwise populated by adorable-and-angry Asians-by-birth. Anyway, She has been doing some excellent Fairy Tales for Angry Girls (not for children) lately, and has developed an hysterical character called Disenchanted Deborah. But my favorite was sent to me by my friend Yalda Uhls at UCLA's Children's Digital Media Center:


I love it.