Activity & the Girlie Girl: Ballet vs Yoga

Girls these days all want to do ballet in preschool. And that can be fine. But most of them won't want to continue once it gets "real"--and given the body image concerns about ballet, most of us really don't want our daughters to get serious about it anyway (I don't mean to put the knock on ballet--or certainly any other form of dance--which I respect. I'm  just saying the rates of eating disorders, body distortion etc. in ballet are significant. And besides, have you SEEN "Black Swan?"). Anyway, in addition to--or instead of--ballet how about getting your daugher and her friends into kids' yoga? It's graceful, you can wear a leotard if you want, and it's something that can become a building block for a lifelong healthy practice promoting POSITIVE body image, confidence, competence and inner strength. Sounds good, doesn't it? Check at your local studios for kids' classes. There are also some great Yoga DVDs which you can find on my "Resources" page.