Abercrombie still crummy

Yeah, I'm happy that Abercrombie pulled the words "push up" from its bikini top for 7-year-olds. But they did NOT actually pull or change the product. So who ultimately won? There is NO REASON a 7-year-old (or 10-year-old or....) needs to be enhancing her breasts. There is no reason for a CHILD to wear a swim suit that doesn't let her comfortably swim. It is offensive, sexualizing, encouraging a warped conception of self, femininity, identity, sexuality....Having said all that, it's clear that THOSE OF US WHO WANT TO RAISE HEALTHY GIRLS WITH A POSITIVE, HEALTHY SENSE OF BODY AND SEXUALITY CAN HAVE AN IMPACT!!!! They think we're stupid. They think they're placating us. Don't let them get away with it. The next step is to say not just "oh no they didn't," but "oh no you DON'T." NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!! Contact them via their website (there is a category for marketing)