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Arduous Path to Motherhood: No Holds Barred in Author’s Heart-Wrenching, Personal Account
— Contra Costa Times



CAMD in the Houston Chronicle

CAMD in the San Jose Mercury News

The Santa Cruz Sentinel on princesses as a “gateway drug.”

CAMD in Newsweek

CAMD in  Parenting

According to “Gawker”: “These days the way to judge someone’s buzz level has come down to one question: has he/she been animated by the Taiwanese company NMA yet?” Well, guess what?

The London Guardian’s Observer Magazine’s excerpt of CAMD

CAMD in  Tablet: A New Read on Jewish Life

CAMD in (Go girls in science!)

The women of Bookslut are my literary sheroes.

New York Magazine “Approval Matrix” calls CAMD “brilliant/highbrow” made CAMD it’s #1 book pick for February 2011! 

Forbes calls CAMD a “huge hit!”

A  Q&A  in Mother Jones  with Mike Mechanic (no relation to Bob the Builder).

A Q&A,with  Pamela Paul in Parents.

A  chat with Mary Beth Williams in  Salon.

A Q&A with Rachel Simmons, author of the classics, The Curse of the Good Girl and Odd Girl Out and founder of Girls Leadership Institute.

CAMD in the Sunday  Los Angeles Times “Calendar” section And a follow up online.

CAMD in the Washington Post


Peggy on “The Diane Rehm Show.”

Talking about CAMD with Linda Wertheimer on NPR’S “All Things Considered!”

Peggy on KQED’s “Forum

On KUOW in Seattle.

A lunchtime discussion with Kaveri Subrahmanyan at Google Santa Monica.

Peggy discussing CAMD  KPCC’s “AirTalk.”